Marana Forni


Marana Forni invented and patented the Original Rotating SU&GIU® Pizza Oven in 1992, revolutionizing the way people cooked pizza.

The rotating deck of the Rotating Pizza Oven give ease of use and operation, which is demanded for high volume outlets wishing to bring speed and consistency into its operation.

The pizza ovens are all manufactured in Italy and sold by the company, offering:
• Static and Rotary Ovens - they can also be supplied with a rise and fall mechanism which is unique to Marana Forni (Su&GIU®-UP&DOWN),
• a wide range of sizes which can be powered using Wood or Gas or a combination of both,
• both Traditional and Design models, to meet customers’ needs and desires.

Marana Forni ovens are installed in over 70 countries around the world.

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