The Team

Our Team is formed by a group of experienced Italian Chefs that have built their careers and credibility in the regions they work.
They are a guarantee of quality Italian cuisine plus the know how in everything related to the restauration business.

  • aira_piva
    Aira Piva

    General Manager

    IRC consultant and events coordinator. Specialized in comprehensive restaurant concepts for operators that have a vision but may lack the expertise.

  • mario_caramella
    Mario Caramella

    Senior Consultant
    GVCI President
    South-East Asia

    President of the network that represents the largest virtual community of Italian chefs working abroad. Expert in the creation and management of concepts for new restaurants.

  • giacomo_gallina
    Giacomo Gallina

    Senior consultant

    He counts on vast culinary management skills acquired around the globe. Specialized in pre-opening.

  • maurizio_palazo
    Maurizio Palazzo

    Senior Consultant
    F&B and Hotel Management

    Italian Restaurants Management expert. Italian Wine List advisor.

  • pietro_rongoni
    Pietro Rongoni

    Senior Consultant

    Celebrity chef in Moscow where he was one of the first Italian chefs to introduce authentic Italian cuisine.

  • walter_potenza
    Walter Potenza

    USA - North America

    Well known Italian Cuisine ambassador in the USA. Multi - skilled, expert in staff training and menu management. Italian- Jewish cuisine specialist.

  • Pasqualino Barbasso
    Pasqualino Barbasso

    Acrobatic Pizza Events

    Acrobatic Pizza World Champion and Classic Pizza expert, he has traveled the world thanks to his incredible skills.

  • Simone Fracassi
    Simone Fracassi

    Master Butcher

    One of the most prestigious experts of Italian beef breeds. He is specialised in Italian food outlets with meat at their centre. He is number 1 in the preparation of artisanal Italian Prosciutto (Casentino)




Michelin Starred Chefs in our network.

These Chefs need no introduction, they are unmistakeable symbols of High Italian Cuisine. They have participated in several of our initiatives such as The Italian Cuisine World Summit , The International Day of Italian Cuisines, to name 2 of our flagship events.

We offer to develop presentations with these chefs that guarantee an interesting turn up of media, food experts and general public in food and wine events. Your presentation will have the repercussion, quality and boost your business needs.

  • antonella_ricci_ceglie

    Antonella Ricci

  • emanuele_scarello

    Emanuele Scarello

  • felice_lo_basso

    Lo Basso

  • graziano_prest


  • fada_odette

    Di Benedetto

  • Sergio Vinieis


  • simonato